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Sunday, October 25

The Martian

Broadens our perspective on life

Stunning visual and sound effects, Specially the thrilling last 30 min of space travel reminds of Gravity but the Science fiction behind it not as brilliant as Interstellar. Worth watching once, These kind of movies on space broadens our perspective on life , compels us to think out of the box (beyond the tiny planet compare to the universe). 

Although Martian  is more realistic compare to Interstellar.. as it was not flooded with scientific info like Interstellar. The fact is that Martian is based on a science fiction book (novel) whereas Interstellar was based on the research of a living Scientist and renowned Physicist named "Kip Thorne" Who himself was the executive Producer of movie. Although The Martian was 25 min shorter than Interstellar but still felt that it was 20 min stretched. It could have been shorter to avoid slowness in between... Whereas Interstellar never felt like 2 hr 50 min movie .

I am trying to say that the kind of scientific n logical concepts like Warm holes, Black holes, Fifth Dimension, Creating Gravitational field in space, Time Travel etc, Interstellar was full of.. Martian seems tiny in comparison. Also Plot of Interstellar was much bigger which was to save the complete human race with a good mix of father n daughter emotions .. whereas Martian was just focused on saving one man..and his ways of survivals on a lonely planet . 

Overall both are great movies, compels to open our minds towards universe,,, inspiring for movie makers n for the people who love the science of space and time.

Saturday, August 1


Chilling Thriller in 2nd half,, One time watch for the story.

Posted by Yagya Datt Sharma on Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sunday, December 21

PK - Provoking Knowledge

N Thoughts

PK - A worth watching which forces us to introspect, one of the best performances of Aamir.

Hats off to Raju Hirani for continuously using Cinema responsively. Directed Only 4 movies in last 12 years and all 4 happened to be Fully entertaining, Blockbusters with well conveyed thought provoking messages. Respect for his style of delivering Quality over quantity!!

PK is hitting on target with sarcasm at blind faith in ALL religions as well as terrorism but supports the essence of religion and spirituality (When Alien tells that they also have God and how he gets connected to natural power on his planet and recharge 'Closing his eyes n dance like anything which points to spirituality for those who understand). It makes you burst into laughter, feel emotions as well as ask question urself. 

A very little part of its plot is similar to 'OH MY GOD' which is blind Idol Worship. (btw OMG is also my fav movie as i  try to look at movie as creativity n real entertainment, at least i never look at movie as a hindu or muslim or sikh etc... just it should not be a crap or torturing). A small part of PK also hits on terrorism But It goes much more wider hits on all religions, terrorism and makes us think outside this tiny planet.

It started two years before 'OH My God' and released two years later. But for Social reform such films are required at intervals, especially for the biased minds who need timely reminders.

P.S.: There will always be some people who will raise questions like why it is not named as 'IND' instead of 'PK' , Is it for India or Pak  or similar silly questions, just because it asked them to reconsider their views. Don't believe on spoilers, judge urself n be enlightened . It will show you the power of not only entertainment but also meaningful and life changing work of Raju Hirani.

Coincidentally, just before a week release of PK, 
(after Inhuman Peshawar School Attack) I was raising same topic  of diversity and blind faiths in Religions creating conflicts and tensions in Society.

We had a great insightful discussion (you can see details on below Fb post) and  as a conclusion  mentioned that Misinterpretation is the root of conflicts over religions otherwise Obvious meaning or path of all religions is only truth n goodness. 

 It is the time to differentiate "Dharma" from the word "Religion". Any ancient spiritual texts (as far as i read), points to follow Dharma , it never mention any name of Dharma as present name of religions - . As per Vedanta, Dharma is derived from the Sanskrit word "Dhri" which means uniting/holding together . Something that unites the human race and the living force to its natural source is 'Dharma' . In simple terms, one can say that Dharma means code of conduct i.e. doing the right thing, in thoughts, words and deeds.There is no name or types to Dharma in any ancient text.. Dharma is itself a name whereas Religion has multiple names n types. We shld bind our-self tightly to 'Dharma' first then a way of spiritual practice but not tightly with the name of Religion. Isn't present form of religion dividing society? is it serving the purpose of real meaning of Dharma?

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Sunday, November 9


Beyond Imaginations

Interstellar - a movie where you can apply all your physics and quantum mechanics fundas , still In the end, it will blow ur mind by taking to higher dimensions beyond imaginations.  Good mix of Father and daughter's emotions being light years apart . Stunning visual and sound effects are treat to our self if watched in IMAX 70 mm screens.

Happy New Year

Crappy Stuff

I think its a wastage of a post on my Blog by giving headline for this movie review So just added in this post as it was also released in same time frame. I don't like to give headlines to unnecessary , unworthy things. :P

Saturday, April 5

Satyamev Jayte

Excellant Awareness Compaign

Another brilliant and eye opener episode. BRAVO Aamir Khan!! After watching this last episode, you have actually gained more respect in my eyes for the awareness work you are doing by presenting plain truth.

You caught up my first attention by the Movie Sarfarosh and I turned up one of ur admirer after watching Rang De Basanti' during college days. Also RDB was the first movie from which i started writing movie reviews on this Blog in 2006. And Later blogged reviews of other inspirational movies like 'Taare Taare Zameen Par' and '3 Idiots','Dor',Lunchbox, BMB etc which were different from mainstream Cinema. 

Yes, i know very well that you also work on commercial cinema and earn money as well by all this. But That's your job and because of doing your job well, you are now in position to inspire others and able to use your public profile to educate and bring awareness in the society on so much sensitive issues in-spite of knowing consequences that some hard core political person and their supporters who don't want to see this awareness in people are criticizing you in some way, spreading fake photosho-ed pic on social media with rumors and appealing, not watch this show. Even some corrupt political parties may try later to affect your upcoming films in some way in their ruling state. But its really appreciable that You have taken this plunge for the good cause.

I must say, You are a brilliant and responsible citizen. Definitely Satyamev Jayate has long way to go and hope it will be a radical in bringing awareness on a larger scale in the coming years .

सत्यमेव जयते !!  (Truth Alone Triumphs)

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Tuesday, December 24

Dhoom - 3

A Visual Magic without Logic


In a nutshell, Vijay Krishna Acharya leaves the footprint of his last and only project as director earlier "Tashan".  

In Old 2 movies of this series, he used to be action director , dialogue writer only and Movie Director used to be a different person but i think due to cost cutting , YRF has given Director's work also to Vijay Krishna Acharya which he did earlier in "Tashan" which was actually a disaster.

Overall, Dhoom-3 is a visual treat for the person whose mind is on sleep and eyes are open, In medical this condition is called a type Coma :D

Though it shows hard as well as brilliant work of Aamir on whatever he was given to, so Must be watched at least once and in the theater to feel the amazing locations of Chicago as well as Action  but some of the thriller scenes are as thrilling as coca cola commercials :P

At least, Aamir's Acting and hard-work has saved the Cover pic of blog which was posted one year back predicting the Top 3 of 2013 as per their acting and Hard work they were putting to meet the expectations.

P.S.: I know people watch Hollywood movies these days and its a general tendency of people criticizing un-realistic scenes of Bollywood at the same time they praise similar scenes when they are shown in Hollywood. I agree that standard of Bollywood and Hollywood is definitely diff but its not the way to hate Bollywood movies just to show that your taste is higher, some people just understand some part of Hollywood movie but they show like their standard is too high.. . 

So either Stop watching Bollywood movies OR Don't mix and match Look at both their respective places and appreciate hard work by anyone as per their resources, market and kind of public they have and Compare it bollo with Bollywood only not with Hollywood. Its definitely one time watch to everyone and I am sure the its a muti-time watch for those who liked Chennai Express :D 


There has been a lot of discussion/debate over Delhi Election and by our so much effort, People has given its mandate and support to AAP and make them and some other people of other parties winner. Now, its their headache, How they want to deliver and keep their promises by forming coalition Govt. OR by re-election.

Its Time for shifting d mood !!  Like, Kejriwal was focused for last 1 year devotedly only on one thing - Election. Similarly there was someone else working dedicatedly since last 1 year only on one thing but in different field. Yes u got it right - Aamir Khan !!

Below is the video shows that some hard work going on this. 

Lets see, what he has in his package to deliver for Public after his 1 year dedication. Quest is - Will he be able to deliver something historical like Kejriwal  ?? :D

Link of this post on my fb profile.

Sunday, October 6

The Lunchbox - 

Simply an Outstanding Classic

Once you start eating a delicious LunchBox, You would definitely not leave till it get finished.. So is the Movie 'The LunchBox'  It makes you more curious to know what next. 

 I would Say probably its one of the finest movies made in Bollywood.. 

After watching this type of movie it is not difficult to write but i dont want to write much neither want to tell the story, like the Movie doesn't speak much ..Its just want to make you feel the scene, the expressions.. Every Scence of the movie conveys a lot of meaningful without putting it in as many words even without any background score.

Every Dialogue is very well written and broken down into pauses, thoughts and silences and each one liner says like a complete paragraph.

It's great to see good old letters being exchanged in an era of chat,email, Facebook, Twitter, mobile phones and Whatsapp. Somewhere it depicts the excitement of that golden old era in which we had been born but we haven't experienced as it all changed till we have grown up.

The performances are the backbone of this classic. Irfan Khan, Nimrat and Nawazuddin Sidiqui were so real and like the people around us. Nawazuddin's timing and way to deliver the dialogues is too good. Its an story on the one in a thousand mistake, on the same note Movie is also One in a thousands Movies. Ritesh Batra (Writer- Director) must be a genius, I would love to watch more from him.

And Yes...The Gujrati film "The Good Road" (though i havn't seen yet) must have been really a masterpiece to beat this (assuming the fair competition) and being India's entry to the Oscars Else it was a strong contender. 

Yagya Datt Sharma
05th Oct 2013

Link to same post on my fb Timeline

Sunday, August 11

Hard-work,Will Power N

Dedication : Synonyms for 

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Mindblowing - is the one word which describes this movie. It was a Great Inspirational movie. Fabulous job done  by Farhan Aktar by transforming himself 4 the character and living d role.

Hats Off to him for his Dedication and Proving himself as Director (DCH n Lakshya), Singer (Rock On), Actor(ZNMD n Bhaag Milkha Bhaag), Anchor (Oye Its Friday), Writer (Dialogues for Talaash) - A versatile personalty in a real sense.

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra and Prasoon Joshi duo combination has created the on screen magic again , after 2006,  known for his patriotic filmmaking  after 'Rang De Basanti'.

The message in the end of the Movie was summing up the whole effort and zyst of the movie --

"Hard-work, Will Power and Dedication... किसी भी व्यक्ति को ज़मीन से आसमान तक पहुँचा सकती है! - Milkha Singh"

Whosoever have not watched it - Please go and watch to Pay a tribute for the Living Legend Milkha Singh.

The People Who are Planning to go for Chennai Express and Havn't Watched BMB, Go for 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' instead of  'Chennai Express' If its still up in your city's theaters. 

Chennai Express Review

Main Chennai Express Dekhi..... Ghar Aati.... Review Likhti.. :P

I think its a wastage of a post on my Blog by giving headline for this movie review So just added in the same post of 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' under it(as its par below BMB) just to express my views on it.I don't like to give headlines to unnecessary , unworthy things. :P

Nothing special, Its a Mindless comedy .. family entertaining in some extent. OR I will say You will like it only if you had liked 'OM Shanti OM'... Though I didnt like 'OM Shanti OM'.  It's a movie which has no plot but still tries to have 1....Deepika's performance is quite something...Rohit Shetty's Singham n couple of Golmaal series Movies were better thn this.

Lungi Dance and Rajnikant has nothing 2 do with d movie .. its just a hype 4 attracting Rajni fans, In reality both are out of d movie. Its purely commercial movie without any sense.

You can go only 4 time pass if you don't hav any othr gud thing 2 do..  OR If you have already make up d mood to watch Bollywood movie and you havn't watched 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' Go 4 it .. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is much btter than this. There are news that Chennai Express in going to break all highest grossing records but i would say it has already broken the record of Highest Paid Reviews and News. :P

My Rating: 2.5/5 for d plot , story n performances etc.   

                   3/5 for the entertainment ..!! :)

Boarded The Train At 7 and De-Boarded with disappointment At 9:20.. :D

Yagya Datt Sharma
10 Aug 13

Saturday, September 1


The Revolution has begun...

If I would If would describe it in 1 line then its a Shaandaar Movie with a Jaandar Concept - depicting the real scenario of our corrupt system. Must watch by all Mango people.

Don't look at some dumb reviewer who rated Chennai Express more than this one and i am sure those paid reviewers are also a threat to country and economy because of them public is spending 200 crore on Chennai Express and not watching this one. I would personally appeal people to go for this one and promote such movies which are giving good message to society as well as entertaining.  Specially people in rural areas must get message to watch it as they still don't understand how politicians are using them.

As we Know that The Term "Satyagrahawas given by Mahatma Gandhi  during Indian Independence Movement about a half century ago on 12 March 1930 when Salt Satyagarha was started with 'Dandi March' . It means "insistence on truth" (Satya = 'truth'; agraha = 'insistence' OR 'Force, full of Truth'.

Even though, the political scenario of India has changed very much since then, But the Evils of the society like corruption, crime and misuse of political power to suppress common man's Voice still exists which was the reason of Great Anti Corruption Movement in last 2 years by Anna ji and his team.

Movie gives a somewhat realistic view of Anna's Satyagraha and TELLING US, how a Non -Violence Revolution can turn into local War or Terrorism  and what could be done to stop it from turning into such chaos . It is a Tribute to Gandhi Ji and Anna Ji and their Struggles for the Common Man's problems.

It also helps us understand mistakes that Team Anna Must have done, like how government made Anna to break his fast and have food, thus  stopped the biggest revolution ever seen in my life time by false promises. It also teaches how a revolution with non-violence should work and what kinds of mistakes should be avoided.

If you see the Performances of cast then Bachchan Saab is amazing by making judgment with the intense role of Gandhi or Anna ji . Ajay Devgan has done a Great job with the role of educated and awakened youth. Manoj Bajpeyi is outstanding in the negative role by his unique dialogue delivery style .

 Arjun Rampal is very good as an aggressive local leader. Kareena Kapoor is good as an intelligent and honest journalist . Amrita Rao is doing justice as a modern, educated, school teacher who stands up against the wrong and contribute in the fights against it.

Overall, It succeeds to touch but fails to penetrate .Intention was good but not the execution up to that extent. It is like every other Prakash Jha film based on the politics and social realistic common man's problems faced in India (i.e. Gangajal, Rajneeti, Aarakshan, Apaharan). Overall a good and decent movie , a one time watch but worth watching. 

Yagya Datt Sharma
31st Aug 2013

Saturday, January 16

Chase excellence..

Success will shamelessly follow!

3 - Idiots Review

"Bachcha, Kaabil Bano..Phir Safalta toh Jhak Maar-kar Peechee Bhaagegi" , Well, These are not my words , If you had watched 3 Idiots carefully than definitely You have given a thought to the last line of its script.Yeah,It was the last line.But, does it really deserves the last place. Thats why i thought to start this review with this line only.
Really,The whole zyst of the movie lies in this one line.:)

I remember earlier that SRK made a statement: "Films are for entertainment and Messages are for post offices." Well Aamir has proved again (after TZP) that cinema is probably the best medium for giving a message and after looking at the face of every person coming out of the cinema hall, I can say that a message can be entertaining also.Somebody has very nicely pointed out on Aamir's Blog that "IShan Awasthi" of TZP has grown up and in engineering college became like "Rancho..." because, the innocence and mischievousness of darsheel can be seen very well in Rancho. Simply we can say that 3 Idiots is Taare Zameen Par Part-2 :)

Life is all about listening to your heart and chasing your dreams. That's the essence of 3 IDIOTS, directed by the extremely talented Mr. Raju Hirani. Let me come to the point right away.

If, There are two kinds of movie,
Movie that tingle your Heart,
Movie that storm your Brain,
Then I saw the third kind..

In the history of last 10 years of Bollywood , Twice I came across a movie that doesn't only entertains but at the same time make you feel the agony and anxiety of the characters and above all,makes you think and makes you QUESTION yourself. Can you recall , Yeah, You are rite, before 3 Idiots , It was RDB.

3 IDIOTS was over-hyped and that could be dangerous for any film since it's the expectations which kill a film if the content doesn't match up to its hype.This Time again, as usual Everyone was wanted to find out what new trick Aamir Khan had up his sleeve.But this time He was having Mr. Raj Kumar Hirani who After ‘Jaadu ki Jhappi’ and ‘Gandhigiri’, teaches you the new philosophy of ‘AAL IZ WELL’ and "Make your passion as your profession". Take a bow!

Movie starts with the dialouge "Life is a race, Tej Nahi Bhaagoge toh Log tumhe Kuchal Kar Aage Nikal Jaayenge" and whole movie is a very good attempt to prove this line as False.

Let me tell you my philosophy in this case(plz bear with that, you are on my Blog :P).
ANyway, I am completly agree with that "Life is a Race" But who has forced you to run on the same path where the Crowd is running . Who has told you that those are the ONLY paths which will lead you to your destination.Dude/Dudettee, Have some courage and Tell Yourself that you are a great indivisual, Blieve in yourself , If you will not blieve in yourself, who else will blieve in you. And I am sure if you will try to follow the path made by yourself than you will not find any crowd and without crowd, Logo k Kuchalkar Aage nikalne ki baat toh bahut door hai." [:D]

So watching 3 Idiots was like watching the ‘Munnabhai Series’ without Munnabhai. No jadu ki jhappi, no mamoo, no J dot Asthana, but if they had been in this film too, how would Chetan Bhagat will try to be in the glory of this un-deserving limelight?

According to me Chatur Ramlingam Urfff Silencer (real name- Omi Vaidya - he did so well to his character tht no1 wants to call him by his real name, he will be known as Chatur in the history of cinema) should be given the best actor award in this FilmFare but this cant happen b'cause SRK n BIG-B ne bhi to movies ki hain,It will be insult of those Legends. this is the problem why Aamir dont like these award functions .

Chetan Bhagat's Controversy

I want to ask one thing to Mr. Chetan that- Where were you when another movie "Hello"which was also based on your another book One Night @ Call Center, got released. Does anyone even remember there was a movie called "Hello" and the very bad response it got. It was a total flop and Chetan was probably happy that he got his credits.He probably expected something similar here but it was not happened being an Aamir and Raju movie.

Who signed a legal contract with vidhu vinod chopra gave the book to Raju Hirani to make a movie ? Isn't that Chetan bhagat??
If he was so concerned about the makers of the film and he would have been tensed for the last two years when the movie started. But he cant answer, he can only say sorry to Aamir after making this hype becoz , becoz Media is showering attention on him now .It would have done long time back........... But perhaps then he could not have predicted the success of the movie. I have read many comments on aamir's Blog which were coming against 3 Idiots management and Aamir for Chetan Bhagat's controversy. But reading those ,It was looking obvious, that he has appointed few persons to write those comments for only promotion of his book. I dont know why he is making so hue and cry because when the movie was not released it was already in air that movie is somehow based on FPS. now its released ..n people liked it because 3 idiots team has presented it wonderfully .

It’s a different story that still has the peon, a Doctor, a Dean (or some such), jhol in exams, suicides, mis-understanding parents, faulty ‘system‘ and one DUDE who rises against all odds and sets everything right & lives happily ever after with his stupidity.the whole theme of the movie is completly different from the Novel's theme.I loved the movie even better bcoz-there are so many scenes in the movie which you will not find anywhere in the book. He should understand this. Movie and book, both are good at their places. But there is no point of making this as a controversy. There are so many messages conveyed through the course of the movie mixed with fun and laugther and presented very intelligently to the audience. Mr . Chetan Bhagat plz try to understand this n dont use it for the pramotion of your book in the negative sense.


Nyway Coming back to movie,
It's emotional, it's entertaining, it's enlightening. The film has tremendous youth appeal and feel-good factor to work in a big way.
if you are in forty-plus age group… you are going to become jealous of Aamir Khan's looks in the movie. This man justifies role of 22 years old Rancho amazingly.You cannot imagine a 45 year old playing a 22 year old college kid, but when it’s Aamir Khan, anything can happen!

So to Sum Up i can say ,3 IDIOTS is not about idiots or nincompoops. It's about three engineering students who believe in 'I'll Do It On my Terms'(IDIOT) and that's what the three characters achieve in life and that's what Hirani, VV Chopra, Aamir eventually achieve at the end of the movie. Making a movie on their terms! So Hoth Ghumaa..Sittii Baja n Sitti bajaa k Bol..Bhaiyaa.."Aal Izz Well." :)

Yagya Datt
27th Dec 09 - 14th Jan10

Friday, January 1

Aamir Khan's Thanks 4 this Blog !

Yeah , Its true that "The work always get noticed".
Juss Stick to your way n believe in yourself

Wish You all readers n viewers A Very Happy And Prosperous New Year !!!
Enlighten the world and every moment you live with your warm presence.

1st Jan 10

Thursday, January 8

Fake Aamir In Ghajini where is the real One?

Hi all,Well,few days back I have seen Ghajini - the most awaited movie of this year..Srry 4 being late, because of my corporate responsibilities :), let me clear you one thing, In this review(same as my previous reviews which have different styles than professional reviews),I am neither going to tell you about the story of movie nor the other things related to movie which are well hyped .
As u all know, that I am hardcore Aamir fan :).. but tell you frankly, i didn't like the movie that much, reaon is that i never expect this from Aamir.Im not saying tht Ghajini was bad, It runs in pace and you never feel out of time or bored even its a 3+ hrs don't know how the time has passed.

But I want a fresh movie from him,not a remake of something.we all know Aamir as an innovative person however in Ghajini thr was nothing new except his 8 pack abs and the collection of the movie has made history because of so hype.

Picture Says it all..
(Juss read the tattos on his body. which tatto cost how much?)
Kalpna was killed = All India gross 140 crore :P like wise-

It Seems that Aamir has forgotten himself,Hoping that he will read this review :D ,i want to remind him the real Aamir ,which is still inside him and fighting with this new Aamir.Also for you all who have forgotten old Aamir..I am trying to recall you real or old Aamir ..lets c how much im capable..

Characteristics Of Real Aamir

1)- In the times when every filmmaker wants established actor and actress in coloured clothings,dizzling locations ,In that time Real Aamir dare to shoot a film about childrens in his production itself.Even he already knows that children-focusing movies have not done good in times like - Nanhe Jaisalmer,Chain khuli ki main Khuli, even Raju chacha with well known stars.Such bold step taking persons are on counts in bollywood.

2)-Real Aamir rarely used to come on TV's for interviews, yet he spends more than a hour chatting with his fans on his Blog for answering their senseless questions( like- Aamir ji aap kab sote ho,kya khaate ho,etc).Also he refused invites from Koffee with Karan.yet he came on a some small talk-show at NDTV.While other actors are all over the media praising their films and do their best to keep media happy,Also tries to collect dozen of hero n heroins for their film to make a hit, he didn't make a single media appearance before RDB just because he was angry with the media, and made RDB a blockbuster of the days without making a single public appearance for its publicity. Wow!

3)- He won't go go for the stupid dozen of bollywood award shows (Like two years back SRK was not getting best actor award thn Zee introduced a new award "Fun entertainer of the year" for SRK, because he was present in that function.WTF) , besides real Aamir went to raise voice for the misery of the troubled farmers in the Narmada Valley.also went to the border to entertain our soldiers.

4)-While other actors do 3-4 movies in year, where he gives his 3 years for making himself for a role at the height of his career (The Rising).

5)-He is the person who can dare to work with with Ashutosh Gowarikar when he(Gowarikar) has given 2 flops already, and can work on the script which was already refused by most of established actors.Even he can work with Rakesh Mehra when he had only a flop in his resume Named as -AKS!!In both cases he made one of the best films of Indian cinema.

6)- In the times While other actors are advertising everything from undergarments to hair-oil to chyawanprash, bt Aamir was having self-dignity ..his ads can be counted on fingers with some innovation.

7)- Also Real Aamir is the trend setter..which other followed but never came close.
for example-

  • He only started the trend of diffrent looks in different movies. now every actor tries to look different in every movie.

  • And well, He started only the trend of blogging in bollywood (after inspiring from me :P lolz). than I heard that BiG-B, Anil Kapoor,shilpa,Salman...hav also started blogging.

  • He sang ‘Aati Kya Khandala’ which became the anthem of the loafers of whole country.Than SRK ('Apun Bola') ,Sanjay Dutt ("Aye shivani") followed but no body have given a second listening.

  • And last but not least If A barber want to remain in his business than he need to learn how to make his hairstyles. :P ..

So Mr. Aamir Hussain Khan if you are reading :D, take a bow! .You may not having the label of the 'King'or the temples with your statue ..still You are the greatest masterpiece in the museum of the Hindi Film Industry ans inspiration to many new comers.But we love that old Aamir not this new fake Aamir -

Characteristics of Fake and new Aamir
  • Who is seen on TV frequently .goes in Dus KA Dum.even cuts his birthday cake in front of media.

  • Now he openly joking about his pet dog named Shahrukh.Also seen in advertisement of Monaco biscuits.

  • Came on the premier of race-which is hardcore masala film-saying that he likes the work of Abbas -Mustan.

  • And Now he is doing the film Ghajini which is frame to frame copy of Tamil version only the climax was changed.

Don’t be fooled by this fake Aamir. Please find the real Aamir for me.

Neways its a Ghajini review and most of the things you already know ,nothing much to write in review about movie,still few things i liked in it..may be you have also liked or not noticed ,so now something from Ghajini....

Few of Touching Scenes,I liked

1)-When Kalpna gives 1 Peti (u all tapories can understand very well, :)) to Sachin(actually Sanjay) for his mother's treatment, aftr selling her car which she has brought by her life long income.

2)-Jiah comes and gifts him the cement slab on which Sanjay and kalpana had stepped-on before entering the new house gifted to kalpana by the Airvoice company.and In the last scene Sanjay is shown sitting on a bench with the memories of his beloved fiancee Kalpana.

3)-And last but not least the most touching thing of movie is that Kalpana(Asin) never come to know that her fiance is so famous personalty and dies even without knowing his actual name.

If you talk about acting, than Asin has really impressed ..she was looking nice and fresh in the movie :)....and i think will definitely get her place in Bollywood.ya already doing another movie with Salman and Ajay Devgan.Aamir's acting or can say action, was gud..but in the flashback story of his past life..he was looking lil nervous,can do much more better.Anyways he has also done his job wonderfully,looking great in the movie with 8 packs abs (which Actually inspired me :P lolz).

Overall It was a nice leaves you reeling even after the film is over and the effect doesn't go away for some time.There's so much happening in every scene and the screenplay is so gripping that you don't feel the need to look at the theater ceiling or at your watch at brief intervals.

Music By all time Fav. A.R. Rehman

The opener " Guzarish "
is very good modern Bollywood music, AR Rahman type. Javed Ali has sung this very well!

But My Fav song Of Movie is- " Kaise Mujhe" is an excellent track!Benny Dayal sings well, and Shreya Ghoshal is even better. Rahman displays tremendous control here.. ..More appealing is the lyrics of this song by Prasoon Joshi, who is countinously winning Filmfare Award for Best Lyrics since last two years(in 2007 for Fanaa and in 2008 For 'MAA' in Taare Zameen Par ).Now he is ready to complete his Hattric.

Karthik gives the 'south Indian film music' feel to Behka with his vocals,the effect in which Aamir comes in six diff hair-styles..tht was amazing. others songs are average.

Thats all about Ghajini and the New Aamir of Ghajini.

Still I like Aamir.I really admire his hard work and dedication. Hoping next time he will come with something extraordinary like 'Taare ZaMeen Par','Rang de Basanti' or 'Lagaan' etc and will never choose this type of script like villen killed his lover and he was engross for revenge.Eagerly Waiting for release of "Three Idiots"-Upcoming Aamir's movie.which is based on our one of the fav. novels- Five Point Some One :)

its 2 AM here ,feeling sleepy...morning mei office its time to go to bed else i hav to sleep in office :P
thanku..cya tata bbye.!!

Yagya Datt Sharma
25 Dec 08 - 08 Jan 09

Thursday, March 6

Review - Filmfare-2008
Worst Bollywood Awards-2008

Dear All
.well,few days back i hav watched star screen award( n yesterday filmfare also) ...i got an idea.. a real business idea..A 24 hour channel on bollywood film awards...lolzz....seriously, ... see the number of award functions these days, I’m sure i can run a 24×7 channel and have enough footage for the whole

It took Dilip Kumar 8 years to get 8 awards for the best actor. Today, it takes only one year to get that many. Ridiculous, simply ridiculous - it seems like a fashion - “jeb mein bahut paisa hai.. chalo awards function shuru karte hain”.yup guys have some brains(I’m talking to the organizers of shitty, no-one-cares award shows).Because of some people like these, the whole award things is a now a freakin’ joke.’..Have you ever thought that why Amir dont attend any of these award function.The reason will be clear to you after reading this whole post.

I can’t recall...actually I feel the pains to compile the list of all the awards and give my comments on them. For some of you who don’t know how bad the situation is, here’s some painful things im presenting before you:

1. Filmfare
Filmfares are technologically the most advanced awards in the world. Seriously. You would not believe that they were using a high fundoo computer program few years back for determining their awards. Here is snippet of their computer program I found when I hacked their system (confidential) :P:

if (film.productionhouse = “big banner”)
then (best picture =
best actor = film.hero
best actress = film.heroine
best director = film.director);

High tech, isn’t it? if u see few years back scenerio..same code they were using(Ek lo, teen muft). bt thank god this year they have made sum changes in code..The Indian viewing public is so stupid (Don was a hit and Omkara below average.. need I say more?)

still they had made a shit this year too ...In the best film category, Black Friday,Parzania,Dharm,johny Gaddar have been left out in favor of Om Shanti Om.(what the heck was tht). My problem is that OSO is an average movie, but not worthy of a best film nomination though entertaining, OSO is ordinary cinema. In fact, it doesnt sounds gud for the industry that is promoting RDB and Lage Raho,ignoring good films.Black Friday is a path-breaking film and deserves the honors. Too bad it is pitied against TZP.
Another thing..i think u all must have noticed..that there was no nomination clip of TZP.

2. Star Screen Awards
well in this show the most shitty thing was ......Darsheel Safary, better known as Ishaan Awasthi, has NOT BEEN NOMINATED in the best actor category. Instead, he has been nominated as the Best Child Actor. What nonsense on Earth is that? When a 64 year old Amitabh Bachchan can be nominated against a 20 something Shahid Kapur, why can’t an 11 year old be nominated alongside? Does the best Actor award come with the sign ADULT ONLY? The boy has also been left out from the Best Newcomer category..!!

others are-:

3. IIFA Awards
4. Zee Cine Awards
5. Sansui Awards
6. GIFA Awards
7. Apsara Awards
8. Bollywood Movie Awards

there are so many award fuction i have listed now im not going to comment any of them..b'cause its wasting of my precious time on such shitty things..which i can use in making this post more intresting.
well,I know sponsorships are nice, but please don’t over do adding their name in the name of function. It doesn’t sound nice when the most prestigious film award in the country is called something like ‘Fair and Lovely Filmfare Award or just imagine what will happen if any undergarments company will sponser these award shows..he he...Jocky Filmfare Award.

So frnds for my award function i hav got sponsorship from a Juta- Chappal vendor of Teliyarganj Allahabad.
NoW I am going to introduce ...A new award Function called...

Lakhani Shoes Bollywood Awards-2008

Sponsored By- Maharaja Lakhani Shoe Store, Teliyarganj, Allahabad
Media Partners-
Special event Sponsorship by- Kajal Photostate,MNNIT
Directed By- who ?? Ofcourse u shld know..lolz

Rules And Regulations
now i am going to announce few rules of this prestigious award function.

1-If you are shocked at my choice of the best actress and the best supporting actress, I shall give you a hint about the selection criteria - it is not good acting. Go for figure!:P

2-Best Actor in a comic role and Best Actor in a negative role are stupid awards. so these have been cancled.An actor is an actor. Tragic, comic, positive, negative should not matter. They were created in the days when Prem Chopra was always a bad guy and Mehmood was always the funny sidey. They were to honor these artists. Today, the film’s ‘hero’ can be a gunda (Omkara) or a terrorist (Fanaa). He can even have an affair (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna). So the award for the comedian and the villian makes no sense today. If you still wanna keep them,.then in 2008 we should also have awards like Best Actor in the role of a Hockey Coach, Best Actor in the role of an arts teacher,best mom, best dad...lolz

3- Well this year i am announcing awards only listing below..

# Worst Picture
# Worst Actor (Male)
# Worst Actor (Female)
# Worst Song that everyone else liked
# Most Nonsensical Lyrics
# Most Nonsensical Film Title

4-We also have 2 special awards.I tried alot for sponsorship and at last i got it sponsored by Xerox photocopiers-Kajal photostate(Near my hostel)
1. Xerox Best Film
2. Xerox Best Music

5-As for the other awards like screenplay, editing, I simply don’t know how to judge them. So I won’t.
6-If you disagree with my nominations,then you are wrong :).

So here goes the Awrads and nominations.

Worst Film
Heyy Babyy
* Saawariya
is it a movie or a music album?)
* Salaam-E-Ishq
* Ta Ra Rum Pum
* Welcome

Worst Actor (Male)
(I have not seen the film, but wearing a hairband brings him an automatic
* Abhishek Bachchan - Jhoom Barabar Jhoom
* Akshay Kumar - Welcome
* Himesh Reshammiya - Aap Kaa Surroor..(he he..)
* Saif Ali Khan - Ta Ra Rum Pum
* Salman Khan - Salaam-E-Ishq

Worst Actor (Female)
* Priyanka Chopra - Salaam-E-Ishq
* Rani Mukerjee - Laaga Chunari Mein Daag
* Rani Mukerjee - Ta Ra Rum Pum
* Vidya Balan - Heyy Babyy
* Vidya Balan - Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Most Nonsensical Lyrics
* Javed Akhtar - Dard-E-Disco / Om Shanti Om
no one else comes close..he is topping without any comptition.. no point nominating any others)

Most Nonsensical Film Title
* Ta Ra Rum Pum (what the heck is that?)
* Aap Kaa Surroor - The Movieeeee - The Real Luv Storieeeeeee
(wat a
* Team - The Force
* Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag
* Shaka Laka Boom Boom
(seems a movie of a also inspired by it planning to make..Udan Choo..lolz)

Xerox Award for the Best Picture
* Hitch (I mean Partner)…
i come to know abt it. thnaks to!

Xerox Award for the Best Music Director
* Pritam Chakraborty with so far 14 tracks in the last year copied from music all the way from Egypt - Korea.. I say so far because we do not know the sources of the others yet. And yes my friends, the 14 include songs from Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Jab We Met, and Life In A Metro. Thanks to for documenting his research.

ohh im very very srry ..i forgot to mention there is one more award ..that is

Shahrukh Khan Award

Winner - Ofcourse None other than our own King Khan -Shahrukh.... lolz

This award to be given to SRK every year so that I don’t have to think of any new shitty award every year to give him, like Zee does, for eg. Award for 2 hits in a year, Fun entertainer of the year.. wat the f**k.. does that mean?

neway for the SRK fans.i want to say that i am also a grt SRK fan..No doubt he is a gud actor..dont take me wrong. as in last post comment few have few things i dont like..that i have mentioned in my earlier posts.

Neways next year we can think for the Best awards also.b'cuase many awards function already have given those this year and i am quite late.I was working on this post since 1 many things came in between like CT's and CULRAV (our college cultural fest) i was not able to post on time.Neways

Congratulations to all the winners…!!
thanku tata bie bie frnds..its 6:15 AM gudmornig..Happy Shivratri...stay tunned !!

Yagya Datt Sharma
4 Feb 08- 06 March 08